ASB Stadium Wellington

Maxwood recently completed one of its most technically complex contracts, the installation of 1928 seats at the brand new ASB stadium in Wellington. The contract involved the installation of one recessed retractable seating unit able to seat 1108 people and 10 mobile retractable seating units each able to seat 82 people.

The recessed retractable seating unit was technically very difficult to design and install and involved features that had never been used on any Audience Systems retractable seating. With very stringent requirements from the customer Maxwood along with Audience Systems had to come up with innovative ways to incorporate the seating unit with the stadium.

Maxwood and Audience Systems had to design a retractable seating system that when in the closed position would have to sit in between large structurally important columns. However when the system was open the tiers had to be one continues tier the whole length of the unit. In order to achieve these requirements a very innovative flap over system had to be designed. The flaps where used to fill in the gap that was required to allow the unit to retract and sit between the columns. The retractable seating unit also had to meet very stringent earthquake requirements. Audience Systems very well designed and manufactured system was able to meet and exceed all earthquake requirements.

Not only was the retractable seating unit difficult to design but also a very difficult installation. The gap between the columns and the retractable seating was only 50mm either side. Requiring the install team to take special care to build the 20 row high 34m long unit in the correct position with very tight working tolerances. The installation took place in an already completed stadium which was being used daily by the public. This required us to be very vigilant with our site cordon and to minimise any hazards to the public. The installation also took place on a brand new Hardwood Tech floor that the installation team had to be very careful not to damage and required a layer of polyurethane plastic and 6mm custom wood covering the entire installation area in order to protect the floor.