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MX LEDtred

MX LEDtred

Maxwood’s MX LEDtred is a market leading step tread nosing with integrated LED lighting.

Designed to AS1428.1 standard, the intergration of the LED strip ensures it also achieves H1.7 aisle lighting requirements for special use buildings such as theatres, performing arts centres, school and education venues.

LEDtred is constructed with a 75mm wide step with 10mm height at front with 5mm radius with a 50mm non-slip section. LEDtred can be supplied to you or installed by our team

Model’s available dependent on type of surface:

Tapered finish – Suitable for applications where steps are a hard surface requiring a flush finish.

Carpet undercut – Suitable for thicker carpet/underlay installations.


W: 75mm x H: 10mm x Ø 5mm

Standard sizes: 500mm to 1200mm. Custom lengths available on request.


‘Plug and play’ electrical system which provides all components required to wire up and power the LED lighting including terminated step lighting, extension leads to connect to each step and matched drivers suitable for the power requirements.

The ‘plug and play’ system is a complete product requiring no additional equipment or electrician to install. All wiring is terminated with a D.C 5.5×2.1mm barrel connector requiring no additional maintenance for the life of the product. Provided in a completely self-contained with dimming control box and drivers included to be plugged into a local supply, the lighting can also be wired into a DALI/DMX system for remote control as required.